Welcome to Corozal.bz

What you are seeing is the sister site to Corozal.com. We have moved our business oriented content here, including our Directory, our Real Estate listings, and our Websitos.


The Directory is a place for businesses and services in the Corozal area to be listed and easily found. Regular listings are free and we are always adding new ones. If you are not listed and you'd like to list your business or service, you can fill out the contact form and send it to us.

Every listing has a "mini-page" which is accessed by clicking on the small magnifying glass icon on the right of the listing. Each mini-page has a number which appears in the browser address bar. Mini- pages for Plus and Premium Listings have a lot more information. For details see our page on Advertising.

Directory by Categories

Click on Categories to search by Category. Each Category has one or more Subcategories.

Directory by Names

Click on Names to search by Name. This could be the name of the business/organization or the name of the principal person involved.

Real Estate Listings

Here we have real estate (sales and rentals) for the Corozal District only. Real estate agents may list properties here, but it is mostly designed for individual owners to present their properties for sale or rent.

Click on Real Estate in the menu.


These are small websites that allow Corozal District businesses and organizations to have an affordable web presence without having to secure their own domain name and design a page or multiple pages from scratch.

Our websitos are found in the navigation menu.

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